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 Pre-K/Kindergarten (North America)  
Bowden,Gantice Pre-K
O’Brien, Mary  Pre-K
Armstrong, Kaydian Kindergarten
Cox, Tiffany Kindergarten
 Gao, Jing (Jinn)  Kindergarten (CI)
Hyer, Lydia Kindergarten
Lewis, Hilca Kindergarten
Li, Cuiyun Kindergarten (CI)
 Osborne, Easten Kindergarten
Wu, Lina Kindergarten (CI)
Zheng, XiaoHong Kindergarten (CI)
First Grade (Australia)   
 Best, Dustin  First Grade
Gao, Xiagnyu First Grade (CI)
Guan, Janelle  First Grade (CI)
He, Xin (Mark) First Grade (CI)
Jones, Denisha First Grade
 Kreiling, Jolene  First Grade
 Scott, Angela  First Grade
Zacheus, Angela First Grade
Second Grade (Asia)
Dupree, Evey Second Grade
Fitzpatrick, Paige Second Grade
Giordano, Kristin Second Grade
Hambrick, Barbara Second Grade
 Roberson, Celena   Second Grade
Schnabel, Christine  Second Grade
Xuan Wu (Krystal) Second Grade (CI)
Xu, Yuan (Patrick) Second Grade (CI)
Third Grade (Africa)
Allison, Brenda Third Grade
 Brown, Brenton  Third Grade
 Picciano, Brandilynn  Third Grade
 Swarbrick, Tracy  Third Grade
 Wellborn, Greer Third Grade
 Yao, Chris  Third Grade (CI)
 Yao, Yao (Cathy) Third Grade (CI)
Fourth Grade (Europe)
 Anderson, Tiara Fourth Grade
Foster-Sapp, Ursula Fourth Grade
 Hall, Stephen Fourth Grade
 McIntyre, Cameo  Fourth Grade
Rocha, Amy Fourth Grade
 Smith, Justin  Fourth Grade
Yang, Amanda  Fourth Grade (CI)
Fifth Grade (South America)    
 Akers, Jessica  Fifth Grade
 Frey, Elizabeth  Fifth Grade
 Hine, Emily  Fifth Grade
 Scott, Kay-Ann  Fifth Grade
 Smith, Freda  Fifth Grade
 Baumgartner, Kim  Speech Therapist
 Cody, Heather  Physical Education
 Dyer, Lisandra  SLD Resource
 Ellis, Cheryl  Behavior Coach
 Gaines, Thelma  Art
 Harter, Amanda  Media Clerk
 Kaiser, Heather  AIG/ACES Teacher
 Lanier, Connie  EC Case Teacher
 Luo, Zhao  Chinese
 Mayo, Randy  Computer Lab /Webmaster/Postmaster
 McKinney, Derek  Music
 Gardner, Lisa  AIG/Discovery Teacher
 Porter, Yvonne  Teacher/Librarian
 Schneider, Lorraine  Media Specialist
Simmons, Carrie ELA Teacher
 Webber, Rebecca  SLD Teacher
 Xiang, Yang (Ariel)  Chinese
Instructional Assistants  
 Coles, Denita Instructional Assistant
Council, Toni Instructional Assistant
Dubose, Jacques Instructional Assistant
Green, Mary Instructional Assistant
 Pegram, Beverly  Instructional Assistant
Schonert, Molly Instructional Assistant
 Staab, Stan Instructional Assistant
 Toolan, Christine Instructional Assistant
Arrington, Delphine Custodian
 Brochu, Brandon  Custodian
 Morgan, Amanda  Custodian
 Tillman, Terry  Head Custodian
Student Support Services  
Bethea, Mary  Guidance Counselor
Grades K-3
Ellis, Cheryl Behavior Coach
Multunas, Nichole  School Psychologist
 Hines, Allison  Social Worker
Lindsay, Nanette  Guidance Counselor
Grades 4 & 5
Instructional Coaches  
 Brown, Porcia  Instructional Coach
 Garrison, Ashlee Instructional Coach
Grades K-5
 Williams, Kerri Remediation
 Osborne, Christina Cafeteria Manager
Office Staff  
Benavides, Melonie Receptionist
 Piquet, Jennifer  Data Manager
 Sessoms, Marti  Bookkeeper/Office Manager


Published by Randy Mayo on April 24, 2018
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